1-on-1 with former Warriors center Adonal Foyle
By Ace Torres
Warriors World

Recently, Dunk Content caught up with former Warriors center Adonal Foyle. Below are some of the highlights:

Thoughts on Kevin Durant to GSW…

Kevin Durant is a guy who will fit into this team seamlessly, he’s a guy who has played the game the right way his entire career and that will continue in Golden State.

The Warriors are known for their chemistry, ball movement and their ability to shoot from long distance. Adding Durant to the mix will only improve those areas and allow Steph, Klay and the others even better opportunities to excel. You can’t double Steph or Klay anymore and it’s going to be a difficult challenge for the rest of the league. 

Down one with 5 seconds left, who takes the final shot?

In the past, everyone knew it was going to Steph and then Klay, in that order. Adding Durant gives Coach Kerr an abundance of riches. Coach now has options and can factor in which player has it rolling that night and who has the best matchup at that particular moment. It might be Curry one night and KD the next, that is the beauty of this team.

Most memorable block?

My favorite has to be running down Baron Davis in Charlotte. He thought he had me, he was striding to the hoop and I know he wanted to put me on a poster. Luckily, I got the better of him on that play and blocked the dunk.

Baron’s dunk on AK-47…

Behind the scenes, Baron was having a lot of physical issues, particularly with his back. I didn’t think he had it in him to get up that high and dunk on one of the premier defenders in the league. To his credit, he pulled it off and gave us one of the greatest dunks in playoff history.

Most memorable time getting dunked on….

Amar’e Stoudemire. We were playing Phoenix at Oracle and I was having a pretty good game up until that play. He was coming down the lane and I thought I could block it ... not quite. He kept going up and I kept retreating and I think he dunked my hand through the hoop as well.

Favorite Coach to play for?

Stan Van Gundy. His knowledge of the game was amazing. He had a never ending obsession with playing the right way and never stopped teaching in practices and games. One of the most important things I learned during my time in the league was how important coaching is. Van Gundy was a joy to play for and made my time in Orlando fun.


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