Warriors Art: Golden Record by Joe Wallace #ArtistWithACause

By Ace Torres
Warriors World

Warriors Art brings you an in-depth look at artwork inspired by the Golden State Warriors. Recently, Dunk Contest sat with Joe Wallace to discuss a famous Dubs piece and his plans for future Warriors-inspired art. 

How did you get started in the art game? Where did the passion come from?

I didn't really play a lot of video games or anything like that growing up, but I was always inspired by video game characters and action figures. I used to watch a lot of cartoons and tried to draw my favorite characters all the time and it just stuck, I was always drawing. I couldn't even take notes in class without my imagination wandering off into doodling something. But it wasn't until the last semester of college when I realized that I was passionate enough to make something out of it. I figured that if I can create art of the things that I love, then people who love the same things that I love, would love what I create also.

What’s your most notable Warriors related art piece? 

My "Golden Record" sign for sure. My girlfriend got courtside seats to that last regular season game before we all knew it was going to be the 73rd win. She got the tickets for my birthday so I was juiced. I knew I was about to witness history in the making, so I should take the opportunity to be a part of it.  

I made that piece in such a small time frame, that I actually had to bring some sharpies to our seats and finish the "Golden Record" text during warmups. We got some airtime before tip-off and after that, our phones were blowin' up the whole game. Then it was everywhere. ESPN, NBA-TV, CSN, NBA.com, Hypebeast, Bleacher Report. It was crazy seeing footage of us holding up my sign and having it be parallel to the historic headline...73-9: The Golden Record. Shout-out to my girl for getting those tickets! 

How long did it take to do the "Town Series" and what was the motivation behind it?

It varies really. You know you're having fun doing something when you lose track of time when you're doing it. I could be drawing a Steph Curry piece and look at the clock and be like, "oh shit, I've been working on this piece for like three hours now," but not even notice. The Town Series actually started with just the S.Dot piece. He's honestly my favorite player on the squad. I just feel like he plays the right way and has a great feel for the game. He's also a great example of how someone could rise up after facing adversity, and I think anyone can relate to that to some extent. So the motivation behind each piece is really just creating something that all Warrior fans can appreciate and relate with. 

What would your dream Warriors piece be?

My dream piece would be creating a mural inside the Warriors practice facility. A collage of notable past and present Warriors in my street-comic style would be awesome. I would like it to be in the practice facility because I would want the players to pay mind to it when they have downtime at practice. There's too much going on at Oracle during game time that they wouldn't even notice it if it was there. If I can get their eyes on my work, especially the ones of themselves...that would be everything right there.

Where can people see your work and stay up-to-date with everything you got going on?

Most of my work and updates are generated through my Instagram, instagram.com/_joewallace. You can also find all my pieces for sale at my online shop and gallery, wallofwallace.com.

I also started a campaign called #ArtistWithACause which is me dedicating myself to help benefit different charities and foundations by fundraising through affordable Joe Wallace print sales. "The Town Series" is currently on sale for $10 a piece of $50 for the complete set of six. Half the proceeds will be donated to the Warriors Community Foundation, which aids the development and education of youth in the SF Bay Area. 

I am hoping for a great audience response so we can keep the positivity flowing. Spread the love DubNation. 



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