Jason Richardson talks about his most memorable dunks

By Ace Torres
Warriors World

Recently, Dunk Content sat with Jason Richardson to talk about his most memorable dunks as a member of the Golden State Warriors. 

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Off the glass and between the legs: 

I was running out of ideas and literally came up with the idea on the bench while the contest was going on. I’m glad I was able to pull it off on the first try especially since I had never practiced that dunk before.”

Tip-Dunk on Shawn Bradley:

 It was a spike dunk on Shawn Bradley. We were playing in Dallas and I went and spiked it on Shawn’s head. Right when I saw the shot was going to be off, I knew I had a chance at dunking home the rebound. I always wanted defenders to challenge me at the rim because that brought the best out of me and definitely gave the fans something to be excited for.”

Bounce-pass-alley-oop from Gilbert Arenas

We were playing against Orlando, it was a 2-on-1 and I had to jump as high as I could because the pass was so high. It turned out to be one of the most memorable dunks of my career. Arenas would always tell me that If I was running the wing to expect the lob pass and he would throw it no matter what.”

Between the legs, reverse dunk:

The between the legs reverse dunk seems to be the most memorable dunk for fans. I still get people coming up to me talking about that dunk. That was the best dunk contest I was in and it felt like it was going to go on forever because everyone was bringing their best. Having all the players rush the floor after the dunk added to the excitement."




  • Sep 27, 2016
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